Changing weather conditions and infections

Astrologically, when two planets of different or contradictory nature come together, they create disorder in nature and spread various type of infections.
In many parts of India, adding to the changing weather from Summer to Winter, an interplay between Venus and Mercury induced a spread of infections, causing cough and cold from October 13.
This intensified further after October 18, when Mercury entered in Swati nakshatra, which is of its opposite nature. Conditions worsened with the presence of the Moon in this exchange. This saw an increase in incidents of breathing problems, and cough and cold. Moreover, this coincided with the festival of Diwali. As it has been noticed in the past few years, environmental pollution from firecrackers at this time of the year only adds to the already existing problem, making the situation unbearable, especially for people with respiratory troubles.
But there is some good news. The Moon will come out of this exchange on October 22. This will be the time when the pressure of Diwali would be over, and people would be relaxed.
This combination is severe until October 26, after which Mercury will move into Vishakha nakshatra, weakening the acuteness of infections causing cough and cold. This will further improve after November 3, and the virus would become milder.
All those prone to throat infections, toothache, allergies, and cough and cold and recurring fever should be careful and take hot food, hot liquids and avoid coolers and air conditioners. Keep yourself warm.
People who are on antibiotics and strong medicines ought to be careful as they may suffer from stomach disorders, constipation or acidity, during this period, as indicated by the conjunction of Mars and Mercury, and a weaker Jupiter.
This combination will be created again around November 10. It will be at its peak around November 17 and will become milder after that. Such combinations will be prevalent throughout this season until the end of March next year.
So, it would be wise to stay careful and guard against infections throughout the winters.
Please take care and let us know about your thoughts and health issues during this time!

Astrologer Alok Sharma